Creating More Space For Your Feline Pets

Those who live in city apartments and are pushed for space, often find that they are unable to give their pets enough space to roam around. City apartments usually have very little open space to offer such as a terrace or a deck area in the backyard. Here are some innovative ways one could create more open and secure space for their pets to roam around in.

Securing open spaces

For those who have open terraces or deck areas often are reluctant to allow their pets to roam free in such spaces, especially if one is living in apartments that are located several feet or floors above. Many are coming up with innovative concepts like cat runs or creating a screened-in deck or porch. That makes these exposed surfaces safe and one can allow their pets to roam in these areas. Many have observed that the enclosures are ideal for their pets who find that the pets prefer to sit in these screened outdoors. Many have even coined the phrase “catio” for such spaces.

Different kinds of enclosures

Many homeowners, especially apartment residents, are using their own resources and skills to create safe cat enclosures Sydney of the open spaces they have in their homes to allow pets to roam about more freely. Many who have DIY skills use PVC pipes and industrial grade nets to create an enclosed space. That allows decks or terrace spaces to become extended portions of homes where pets can roam freely and even climb walls partially if they wish to without being in danger of falling or jumping off.Covering open balconies or terraces is not the only solution that pet owners are taking up. Catios are also being built with wooden boxes or chicken wires and many even indulge in creating cat playgrounds that have scratching posts as well as tunnels. However, creating cat playgrounds are usually the privileges of those who live in suburbs and own homes with more space around their homes.

Get customized options

If one wishes to get such innovative play areas created for their pets but do not have the skills or the time to carry out such projects, there are many services that can help. Not only can you look for pet strollers from such services, but also ask for such customized pens and play areas to be created. The other way to get such enclosures created is to call in a handyman local to your area. As long as you have a vision of what you want for your pet, it would be easy to get such changes done to one’s home.

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