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How to Maintain A Ball Chain Jewellery

The bead chain is made of a variety of material which have different levels of tarnishing. There are those materials, such as platinum, which are resistant to tarnishing and thus are regarded as maintenance free. On the other, materials such as the sterling silver and stainless steel are prone to tarnishing, which makes maintenance a requirement.

Maintenance of a chrome ball chain jewellery involves cleaning and caring for the jewellery. This activity does not have to be difficult, but it should be done in a careful manner in order to prevent damage and possibly help to ensure a long life for the jewellery. When the maintenance is done in a perfect way the jewellery stands the test of time and holds its original attractive appearance, unlike that which is not cleaned and taken care on a regular basis. The technique to use in the maintenance of the chain jewellery will be dictated by the chain itself.

Regardless of the type of jewellery one should care for it and ensure that any form of scratching, knocking or banging is prevented. This is because knocking the jewellery may lead to seen and unseen damages which may build up over time to make the jewellery irreparable. Should any damage occur a visit to the local jeweler is recommended for he or she will give an informed opinion on how to make the repair.

As the chain is mainly made of metals, many chemicals can damage the jewellery and thus they should be completely avoided in the maintenance process. To be specific cleaning fluids, bromine and chlorine can have severe effects on the jewellery. Also direct sunlight and extreme hot or cold conditions may weaken the metal.

In order to keep chains that are made of materials that are prone to tarnishing such as sterling silver bead chain maintenance is key. The first step to accomplish this is to know that tarnishing happens because of the reaction of the copper in the metal to humidity. In addition to this, perfumes, lotions and hair care products will accelerate the tarnishing. As such ensure that all the body products are dry before putting on the bead chain. In times of cleaning avoid using liquid dip for it leaves sulphur residues that make the jewellery react with air and
tarnish more quickly. If its use cannot be avoided make sure that it is rinsed for a minimum of fifteen minutes under running water in order to eliminate the sulphur residue. Another option of ensuring tarnishing doesn’t occur the use of toothpaste or baking soda is recommended if the silver has a matte finish. You can go to this page to get more information on how you can take care of your chains and prevent it from tarnishing. 

Generally in times of cleaning, use a jewellery cleaning cloth on the jewellery and clean it on a regular basis using soapy water but ensure that it is rinsed off afterwards. Dry it with a mild cloth, but avoid rubbing it vigorously. If the jewellery is not intended to be worn place it in an airtight bag away from heating or particularly cold areas. This maintenance tips ensure the jewellery last for a long period time.