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Why do dogs eat grass?

There is no conclusive explanation on why dogs eat grass and there is a lot of debate on what causes the behavior. Some of these animals actually consume grass in excess typically eating the grass at every opportunity they get out of sheer pleasure or simply for nutritional purposes. In other instances it might be the like the taste of grass. Other dogs, however, eat grass occasionally followed by vomiting and this is considered as a form of self treatment due to upset stomach. However, it is always good to check with the vet on the use right health products if there is nutritional imbalance. This behavior is so common among dogs and there is a likelihood that they will demonstrate such a behavior at one time. Browse thie page, for additional info on choosing a right health product for your dogs. 

The most common reason that a dog will feed on grass is to deal with a an upset stomach. In most cases the dogs will be seen eating large chunks of grass without chewing it and swallowing it entirely. However, these behaviors tend to affect their stomach or throat since the animal vomit soon after they swallow the grass. However, with intake of recommended amounts of joint guards for dogs the animal will have a nutritional balance in the supplements and might avert some of the stomach upsets they might be experiencing. The assumption derived from the dog’s vomiting after swallowing grass is that the dog was feeling uncomfortable and the felt relieved after throwing up. In scientific terms, this is yet an unproven hypothesis and not many people are familiar with the dog’s intentions after analyzing the behavior.

However, there are a large number of people who believe that dogs eat grass out of enjoyment. On a number of occasions owners have seen the dogs carefully sniffing the grass subsequently eating it and then feeling sick afterwards. The hypothesis on this point is that a large number of dogs enjoy eating fruits and vegetables as well as grass alongside meat which is their staple food. And indeed the proponents of this theory firmly believe that it is also the reason the grass eating dogs look out for a specific type of grass. In the same time dogs sometimes pick fleas in the yard or even when they are sniffing around for the perfect species of grass. Ticks and fleas can be dealt with using Frontline plus. Here are some info about Frontline plus, see this page.

Another probable presumption is a dietary imbalance as a cause of dogs eating grass. Although this is not conclusive just as the other hypothesis and it is difficult to determine. However, a dog owner who is concerned about his or her pet behavior needs to check with the veterinarian about any changes that needs to be made to ensure that the imbalance is dealt with accordingly. Some dog owners put their dogs on a high fiber diet or add on cooked green vegetable alongside their meals. In a sense this will help in dealing with the dog tastes for grass. If the dog has roundworms, hookworms or tapeworms it needs to be treated with a Wormer. Cats with the same problem are treated with the profender allwormer.